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Dr. Rachel R Hardeman



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Ignite the Spark Scholars Programs (ISSP)


The mission of the ISSP is to build capacity among early and mid-career scholars committed to developing novel measures and approaches to studying the impact of structural racism on population health. Our vision is to expand our knowledge base on the impact of structural racism on health by creating learning communities of practice that provide space, time, and support for a new generation of scholars interested in dismantling structural racism through research, advocacy, and policy change. We are grateful for Robert Wood Johnson Foundation for their support of this effort.

Consulting and Workshops on Antiracist Research and Building Health Equity through our Radical Imagination: I use rigorous scientific evidence to offer learning experiences and research expertise to interrupt and dismantle racism and its impact on health and well being. Please reach out at for inquiries

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Dignity in Childbirth and Pregnancy:

Eliminating Inequities in Perinatal Health Care


California: I alongside Diversity Science  developed an interactive training course and resources for perinatal providers focused on anti-racism, implicit bias and reproductive justice.  This training was developed in accordance with the training requirements outlined in the California Dignity in Pregnancy and Childbirth Act (Senate Bill 464) which went into effect in January 2020.

Minnesota: Through this training, healthcare professionals have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the impact of structural racism on the health and healthcare of Black and Indigenous birthing people. They will learn strategies to interrupt institutional racism and racial bias and protect the health and well-being of Black and Indigenous mothers, birthing people, and infants.


Contact: for rates and more information

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