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© 2017 by Dr. Rachel Hardeman

"As a black woman and as a professional, I feel like I had to play a role. I didn't feel I could stay silent,"

Rachel Hardeman, Ph.D.


I am an Assistant Professor in the Division of Health Policy & Management at the University of Minnesota, School of Public Health. My graduate training was at the University of Minnesota where I received a PhD in Health Services Research Policy & Administration with a focus on the Sociology of Health and Illness. I also earned minors in both Sociology and Demography.

I am passionate about moving the conversation around racism in public health forward and to that end, the overarching goal of my work is to contribute to a new body of knowledge that enriches how we understand the ways that institutional/systemic racism plays out in healthcare encounters.


I am a Consultant with Partners in Equity & Inclusion where our mission is to use our expertise as diversity scientists to help organizations and groups achieve true inclusion, diversity, and equity. I also serve as an Advisor for SquareRoots™, a mission driven organization focused on defining and empowering health birth in order to improve the experience of women throughout pregnancy by connecting the dots of existing care models to human needs.  


Panelists at University of Minnesota call racial disparities in maternal deaths 'staggering'

By Marissa Evans, STAR TRIBUNE  | Aug 29, 2019


"Dr. Hardeman discusses disparities and maternal mortality with Congresswomen Omar and Pressley"

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